Friday, February 13, 2009

Oh Yes, They Call Her the Streak

Livi LOVES to streak through the house after her bath each night. She gets all dry and then off she shoots. Out the door and into whatever mischief she can find. A few night ago she ran out of the bathroom and when I chased her down I decided I needed a picture of her trying to get in her little chair with her baby. Don't you just want to pinch those little cheeks. Seth better get her under control!

Grandpa's Birthday

Last Sunday we celebrated Grandpa's 60th birthday! Wow grandpa is getting old. Here are a few pics from his little party with Jacob and Olivia.

Sweet Little Bedtime Voice

Every night before my kids go to bed I pray with each of them. After we pray I sing each them a little song. Livi's song is "You are My Sunshine". Which is why so many times I refer to her as sunshine. Jacob's song has always been "Hush Little Baby/Jacob" and he now sings along with me every night. It is so sweet. I wish this video was longer, but here is a short little clip of us singing together.

Makin' Music

Both of my kiddos seem to love music. Jacob loves to sing and play instruments and Livi loves to makes noise and dance. Here is a little video of them playing together.