Sunday, June 7, 2009

At the Lake

We went to the lake today for the first time this year. Due to all of the rain the water has been too high to even get to the dock, but it is finally starting to go down. It was a great day, but the water is still freezing. Livi loved riding and driving the boat. She protested quite loudly if anyone touched the steering wheel while she was in charge. Sorry Daddy and Grandpa! She hated the water, but hopefully she will like it when it warms up. Jacob loves to drive the boat as well and he loved the water. Although he didn't stay in for long he got to swim around a little, kick, and splash. Enough for him to feel like he had a big trip. It was a fun day and I can't wait for the next trip!

Saturday, June 6, 2009

Early Morning Faces

We have two very different personalities in the mornings. Jacob wakes up very chipper and is always all smiles. We are greeted each morning with the words "Awake, the sun up". He is just so cute. Here is his early morning face. Momma love's you little man!

Livi is our snoozer in the mornings. She likes to get her beauty sleep. She is much like her Aunt Allison, lol, she likes to wake up on her own and she needs a few minutes to herself before being disturbed. When I go to get her she gathers up all of her "stuff", blanket, sassy, baby and we head for the den. Here is her early morning face while waiting in her seat for breakfast. She has the true definition of bedhead everyday. Sweet baby girl!

Forever, Yet Again!

Ok, so I haven't posted in forever, yet again. In my defense, our computer crashed and we were without for at least a month, so that counts as an excuse, Right??? Anyway, the kids are growing up so fast. Jacob is such a sweet little man. He is looking more and more like a big boy these days. It breaks my heart! Livi is quite the spit fire. She is finally saying a few words besides Ma Ma. The other day she went up to a picture and started crying and saying Da Da. It's pretty funny considering she won't say it to his face. To his face she also calls him Ma Ma! Another new one is the last few days is "Doe" (no). I kept hearing her yell it really loudly. Later that same day I noticed her right up in Jacob's face swatting and yelling "DOE DOE!" He was just standing there a little stunned. He said, "Momma, Livi hit me." Poor baby!

Below are a few pictures from the past few months. Some from the zoo, some from Easter, and some from Jacob's first program at church. FYI, he didn't sing not one song or say one word, but he stood up there the whole time! I guess that's pretty good for a shy little guy?