Wednesday, January 21, 2009

Cowboys and Razorbacks

Jacob seems to be getting funnier and funnier by the day. He is talking so much more and we are understanding him so much more. I guess that's what 90 minutes of speech a week will do for you. Sometimes in the car I begin to wonder if it is such a good thing. Ha! Anyway, Jacob has a few favorite things that he loves doing or talking about. He loves to play football. When we play or he plays with Seth he is constantly yelling "TOUCHDOWN ARKANSAS". It is so cute and funny. What can I say he loves the Razorbacks. He also loves cowboys. Anytime he sees someone with boots or a cowboy hat on he is sure to yell out "He a cowboy". These pictures just cracked me up. They, in so many ways show our little Jacob. Doesn't the first one remind you of a "little Seth"?

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