Friday, January 23, 2009

Olivia's Crash

These pictures do not do justice for what her face looked like this afternoon. We were at the Finton's house enjoying a fun afternoon of play when Olivia tumbled down the stairs of their deck and crashed into the concrete slab below. It was awful! Ashley Finton said I could be the high jumper for a track team. I must have leapt really high. I don't really even remember. I just know that my baby was laying at the bottom of the stairs screaming. Ashley and Shannon tried to make me feel better by reminding me that there were 3 adults out there and none of us realized what she was about to do, but I still feel awful. I held it together while we were at the Finton's house, but as soon as we got in the car I starting bawling and couldn't stop. I cried the whole way home. She is fine now and acting normal. Just a banged up face. Poor baby!


Allison said...

see, she's already getting better! she is going to be fine! it's a hard lesson for us mommies to realize we can't protect our babies every single second of every day--from physical hurts, or emotional wounds. that's why we do the best we can, but ultimately we have to entrust them to God. easier said than done! hope you're doing better, and again, i'm so glad she's okay!

the Fosters said...

I am so sorry you started crying in the car. Kids get hurt and we can't protect them all the time. Hope she slept ok last night. Good getting to meet you! You have precious kiddos!

The Fintons said...

Poor thing! She is going to be healed up in no time. You have 2 precious kids that have an amazing mama! It is so scary to see your child get hurt and feel so helpless at times. I like what your friend Allison said in her comment. What a long road ahead of us we have- I pray God protects our children, when we cannot. btw...Ashley, you are a great mom! You DO have some major jumping skills! Impressive timing!

The Johnsons said...

I had a moment like that with Chloe at Kohls. She leaned against the door just as we walked inside and I was getting a cart and the door shut and her thumb was inside the hinge area... I thought for sure she would have no thumb when i got it out and I have never heard a kid scream like that..... I felt TERRIBLE, oh I could cry thinking about it!!!!!
They are fine now though... THANK GOODNESS!